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Lyzem Easy Meetings

Lyzem Easy Meetings

Telegram chats are very useful for communicating and sending files of any type. The occasions in which they exceed e-mails well both in terms of confidentiality and in terms of practicality are not uncommon.

However, the importance and effectiveness of audio-video calls remains uncontested.

To start one of them quickly with the members of your channel, group or with your interlocutor in chat is very simple. Follow these 3 steps:

  1. type @mLyzembot
  2. click or stop on the "Start a new meeting" button
  3. click or tap on the "Join the meeting" button in the meeting invitation.

Video calls keep alive and improve relationships with friends, colleagues and customers.

Communicating by voice remains the most natural way to understand each other, to make eye contact.

Video calls fulfill this naturalness even where distances could complicate or prevent effective communication for reasons of time, transfer and costs.

Switching quickly from chat to meeting with members of the same channel/group can prove to be the most appropriate choice and @mLyzembot does it very well.

Video calling is formal and informal at the same time, it is productive and effective, it maintains and strengthens interpersonal relationships.

@mLyzembot generates a secure link for you to the JitSi meet platform.

Android and iOS devices require the free and open source JitSi app to manage the audio/video call, while for computers only a modern browser is sufficient.

@mlyzembot, nothing simpler to start a meeting.

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