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Official Lyzem Sevice Bot

Lyzembot: official Lyzem Service bot


@Lyzembot is an official Lyzem bot that performs several functions:

  • let the user question Lyzem Search from the chat in which it is invoked;
  • let the user suggest Telegram/Telegraph resources for rapid indexing;
  • enable the verification of the user ownership and/or the access to a specific resource;
  • allows the access to Lyzem Service


Use @Lyzembot followed by the search terms to query Lyzem Search directly from the chat you are in.

Suggest any Telegram/Telegraph resources

Do you want to suggest your Telegram channel, group or bot or a Telegraph page to Lyzem Search for faster indexing?

Share it to @Lyzembot, in a few hours it will be available among the relevant search results.

Verify ownership of a resource

Safety is very important our Lyzem team.

In fact, in the course of being set up we make sure that the person creating the profile is the real administrator or that he has access to the resource.

For this reason we ask you to include the @Lyzembot bot among the administrators without giving it particular privileges.

In this way we are all sure that no one will be able to appropriate a resource that does not belong to him.

Access to Lyzem Service

To protect your Lyzem account, we will ask you to confirm access via this bot.

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