Designed to reach more visibility

Be found by those who are looking for what you offer

The first step towards visibility

Add @IndexPost_bot to your public channels and groups. Posts with more than 250 characters will be promptly indexed and available in user searches.


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Comunicate Clearly

People are more likely to subscribe to channels and groups when they know the topic.

With Resource Profile you can deliver basic information directly throught the results page.

Differentiate – give them the reasons to prefer you.

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Developed for impactful posts

Buttons create more conversion

EditorPost allows to write posts in a simple and visual way by equipping them with buttons, images, polls, emojis, reactions, counters and formatted text.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lyzem Search?

Lyzem is an indipendent search engine created specifically for Telegram and Telegraph' platforms. It sifts the Internet in search of channels and public groups from all over the world and indexes some of their contents.

How do I check if my channel or group is indexed by Lyzem Search?

That's very simple: you just need to enter its full URL in the Lyzem search bar. If it's not present, this procedure will automatically index your channel or group within the next 48 hours.

How can I index all my posts?

Public channels interested in indexing all their textual content can activate the free IndexPost service: @IndexPost_bot.